My name is Kurt Johnson. I’ve been playing guitar for over 32 years. I was a Private Guitar Instructor for 11 years. Moving on, I am now a lead guitar player for a live band. Recording and playing live is what it's all about for me.


I developed this website in dedication to all of the people out there that can’t find a good Guitar Teacher.  There are many people that have tried private lessons but just can’t find a good teacher or one that they have chemistry with.


I have taught guitar to hundreds of people from ages 5 to 65; everything from Metal to Rock to Classical to Country. I also teach bass guitar and drums. The lessons on this website originate from the real-life lessons that I have given. With my 11 years of experience I have learned what students really need to play and what they really need to practice to be successful from a beginner, to an intermediate, and to an advanced player.


Some of these lessons may not be right for you or maybe not that exciting to you but I suggest to work through them all and understand them all. This will give you a solid foundation for everything that you will learn in the future whether it's from a teacher, youtube, or some other high tech gadget.


Realize that it's all about the time that you put in. It takes hours and hours and hours of practice to be good. 10 hours days. Repetition. Sacrifice. Live for it!