Recognize the chord shapes as you play these arpeggios.  Instead of letting the notes ring out like in previous lessons, play one note at a time. The notes should not ring out. You should "roll" through the chords as you fret them.

You also will use your palm on your picking hand to control the notes.  Watching the video will help you understand this.

simple A major and A minor arpeggios


Sweep Picking - "Sweep" the pick through the strings in one continuous down-stroke or up-stroke.  Only one note should sound at a time.  One key to successful Sweep Picking is muting.  After playing each note, lift your fret-hand finger off the string.  For notes on successive strings fretted by the same finger, use a rolling action to take your finger off the string.

Octave - The Eighth note in a scale.  The Octave has the same name as the first note of the scale.  The Eighth note has twice as many vibrations per second as the first note.

ascending and descending one octave arpeggio sweeps
red guitar logo illustration