What is a Blues Scale?  The best way to understand what a Blues Scale is is to first look at the Minor Scale and the Pentatonic Scale.  We will keep it simple here. Let's compare the scales.

The Minor Scale is a 7 tone scale

Em Scale

Em Pentatonic Scale

Em Blues Scale

Take away the 2nd and 6th tones to get the Pentatonic Scale.

A diminished 5th is added to the Pentatonic Scale

a layout comparing the E minor scale, E minor pentatonic scale, and the E minor blues scale

Diminished - To reduce the note a half-step (one fret).


Em Blues Box Pattern

Memorize the Blues Scale pattern.

the E minor and the A minor blues scale
a diagram of the E minor blues box pattern

Ascend and descend through the Em and Am Blues Box Patterns.

E Minor Blues Box Pattern

A Minor Blues Box Pattern

Play through this lead-like progression that is played within the Blues Scale (Box).

Using the Blues Box Pattern

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