It's time to learn the notes of the Em Pentatonic Scale throughout the entire fretboard.  Notice that you'll be playing only the five notes in the Em Pentatonic Scale.  There will be five starting points on the Low E String, one for each scale tone.  Each position will form a different pattern. These are also called Modes.  Memorize the box patterns.  Just like all of the other scales that you've been practicing, ascend and descend through each box with alternate picking and at an even tempo.

Em Pentatonic Scale

 E  G  A  B  D

diagrams of the modes in E minor

Why learn this?

There are many reasons why guitar players should learn box patterns likes this.  This one is especially good to learn because it is in the most common key; a key that you will be playing in and writing in as you grow. Learning this will also help your coordination, picking, and hand sequence.  It will also help you learn and memorize common notes on the fretboard.


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