How many notes are in the Musical Alphabet? _________

What notes are in the A minor Pentatonic Scale? ___________________

What notes are in the D minor Pentatonic Scale? ___________________

What band wrote and performed the song Iron Man? _______________________

Label the string numbers below:

What two notes in the musical alphabet do not have a sharp? _____________

What are the six Open Notes?________________

What finger numbers do you use when playing the exercise 5 - 7 - 8 ? ____________

How many notes are in a Pentatonic Scale? __________________


Write out the B minor Pentatonic Box:

Write down an example of an “enharmonic note”. ____________________

What is a “whole tone”? ______________________________

The distance between two notes which are next to one another in pitch is called:______________


Circle the correct answer:

Where are finger numbers written on a tab staff?      Above     Below     Left Side     Right Side

What does the “X” mean on a chord diagram?   Play the note open   Do not play the note


Fill in the scales below using finger-placement dots on the strings:


red guitar logo illustration