No matter what style of music you're into, Fade To Black is a song that every guitar player should learn.  From start to finish, this song is a masterpiece with many different techniques used.  We're going to focus on the Intro in this lesson.  I've seen many people play this but unknowingly playing it wrong.

Look at this progression as segments of 8 notes.  The first chord of the Intro is basically a Power Chord with the G String ringing open.  Hold the chord and pick 6 notes.  Your pinky will go down on the "5th fret - A String" for 2 notes. That pinky note must ring out until you play the next bass note, "0 on the A String".  You can see with the next 8 notes the pattern is the same.  6 notes with the bass note on fret 0 and 2 notes on fret 5.

tab for the intro of fade to black by metallica

Hold the chord strong and tight so you can get the notes to ring.  Remember, the bass notes of the chords need to ring out until the next bass note is played.  I have the bass notes in bold.

tab for the transition of fade to black

Now that you've mastered those two parts let's put them together.  Play along with the song and master this.  In the future we'll learn the Solo, Verse Rhythm, and other parts of this song.

tab for the song fade to black
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