KEY - A Diatonic Scale that provides the tonal framework for a piece of music.  For example, when a song is played in the key of C Major, the only notes played in the song are C, D, E, F, G, A, and B.  Notice that these are the same notes that are in the C Major Scale.

When you are learning how to play "In Key" it is smart to focus on just two keys; C Major and G Major.

notes in the c major and g major scales

The purpose of this lesson is to memorize and understand the major, minor, and diminished triad patterns.

Every key has one Diminished Triad.  The 5th is dropped a half step (one fret) which is called a Diminished 5th.

a diagram of the c major triad pattern
a diagram of the A minor triad pattern
a diagram of the F sharp diminished triad pattern

In the progression below, play each Triad 4 times and then move on the next Triad in Rhythm.  Notice that we are playing in the key of G Major.  In order to stay in Key, three Triads are Major (G, C, and D) and three triads are Minor (Am, Bm, and Em).  One Triad is Diminished (F#)

tab for a triad progression in the key of g major
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